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Welcome to our 7th millenium in Egypt
I love my style!


Hip sccarves 2
Hipscarves 3
Hipscarves 4
Hip scarves1
Belly dance costumes 1
Belly dance costumes 2
Belly dance costumes 3
Belly dance costumes 4
Ancient Egypt
Silver wear
Shipping details, payment details, and contact information.

Belly Dance Costumes 2
Because we are different in color, shape, size, and taste; we have different styles. We always try to bring you all the different styles to choose from what suits you the best.

Almaz Price: 71 US$

Hanadi Price: 19 US$!!!!

Nefeesa Price: 19 US$!!!!

Tafeeda Price: 151 US$

Hamdeya Price: 71 US$

If you are interested to buy anything please contact us through this email : 

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