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Welcome to our 7th millenium in Egypt
I am stripped off all but pride


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Ancient Egypt
Silver wear
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Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian kings and queens are well known for their pride and dignity. They had special customes, special protocols, and they created a great civilization 6 thousands years ago!

The holy cat.

                                            This holy cat is brown in color,
                                            about 15 cm in height.
                                            Price: 9 US$


                                             This neferttiti statue is brown in color and
                                             about 15 cm in height.
                                             Price: 9 US$


                                   This oblesik is about 10 cm in height,
                                            with hieroglyphic writings on it.
                                            Price: 6 US$

Egyptian pyranids.

                                             Three Egyptian pyramids made of tin,
                                             with hieroglyphic writings on them.
                                             Price: 10 US$

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